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Slora Gård

“Life’s Guard Stone”
Alongside the old roads there were guard stone, now referred to as roadside barriers. It is our wish that Slora can be a guard stone in the road of life.
A safe place.
A place where you can sit down and take a breath.
A place where you can regain your strength.

Slora Gård is situated by the lake Langen in Ski, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Slora has been an independent farm since 1820, but it was sold to the Plummer’s Union in the 1940’s and turned into a holiday resort. In the 1970’s the church of Oppegård bought the resort through their Trust, and until the summer of 2003 they managed it as a campsite.

Cathrine and Trond Hansrud, with their three children, have lived and managed Slora since 1995. In June of 2003 they became the owners and have continued to manage the campsite as in the previous years with camps for children and youths, confirmands and other groups or businesses. 

There is a chapel on the grounds that is a part of the South Forest area of Akershus County and this chapel is open for the public every Sunday during its service. Cathrine and Trond Hansrud finished building a smaller chapel in 2019 that is open to the public everyday of the week. Where one can rest in silence and light a candle, a place for hikers and for campers, whenever it is needed.  This is a chapel for the people and made possible because of the people.






Welcome to Slora Gård! 

The Campsite is open from March to November. There are cabins and sleeping barracks available and they are equipped with 69 beds total. Guests must bring sheets, sleeping bags, pillows etc., themselves. Slora has its own private jetty, football and volleyball field, and a large outside area with barrel grills for a lovely barbecue. It can be rented unattended or with meals included, made and served by Cathrine and Trond. Slora is an alcohol and drug-free site.